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About Adam

Welcome to the website of Adam Lloyd, internationally known medical intuitive and quantum health coach. Named one of the top medical intuitives to the stars by Billboard in 2017 (“Meet the Top Medical Intuits Stars Swear By”), Adam specializes in helping clients to increase their vitality and heal from imbalances by providing bio-individualized protocols within the realms of nutrition, detoxification, healing and wellness. Utilizing a unique extrasensory function of his nervous system to read quantum energy, he is also able to detect health issues in the earliest stages, often before standard diagnostic procedures are able to accurately identify them.

As a scientifically-oriented practitioner, Adam maintains a focus on the quantum mechanics of human health and healing. He has a special interest in the early detection of cancer, which he is able to assess through the use of an energetic measurement he calls the “Cellular Index.” This measurement can be used to evaluate the presence and extent of cancerous activity in a person's body, providing valuable information and a direction for medical exploration. To learn more, please see Cell Index Scanning.

Adam refers to his particular technique of reading energy as “resourcing.” Using this ability, he has spent nearly a decade independently studying how the energetics of human health correlate with common theories of nutrition, healing and detoxification. His research has brought him to several major conclusions; first and foremost, true healing requires a holistic approach and a deep “rebooting” of the body, given that the mere suppression of symptoms never yields optimal results. Secondly, while each person’s needs are highly individual, the road to optimal wellness tends to be a lot simpler than people are often led to believe. Adam has discovered that with a baseline of “resonant fuel,” in addition to the removal of irritating elements, the innate power and intelligence of our bodies can take over and lead the way through healing and detoxification without us having to intellectually “figure everything out.” He has found that this approach to rebalancing the body and all of its systems is of the utmost importance in achieving lasting change and optimal vitality; unfortunately, when we try to force the body to do what we think it’s supposed to do (through deliberate cleanses, flushes, chelation, etc.), we tend to do more harm than good, as we are interfering with its natural gravitation toward equilibrium. Adam’s work with his clients is centered around supporting and encouraging this profoundly complex phenomenon without interrupting its natural course and momentum.

If you are interested in working with Adam, please review all sections of this website thoroughly, to ensure that you are optimally prepared for your session and that you get the most out of your session time. Adam currently works with clients internationally, over the phone and the internet, and he enjoys being of service to people of all ages.

What Are Medical Intuitives, and How Is Adam Different?

Medical intuition is a special kind of extrasensory ability that allows a practitioner to feel, sense, or intuitively perceive information related to a person’s health. People frequently turn to medical intuitives for two main reasons—either doctors have done everything they can to help them and the results have been unsatisfactory, or they’re getting too many different opinions regarding why they are unwell and what they should do to heal. Medical intuitives are not medical doctors; they do not diagnose disease or label disorders, but the information they provide can be extremely valuable in many ways. One of the biggest benefits of working with a medical intuitive is that he or she may be able to present a more complete assessment of a person’s current state of health than the standard approaches; allopathic and even alternative healthcare models often rely on medical tests which can be misleading or inconclusive, as they provide only snapshots in time, despite the body being in a state of perpetual ebb-and-flow motion to achieve equilibrium.

While most medical intuitives tend to focus on articulating the energetic or emotional origins of symptoms or conditions, Adam has found that these issues work themselves out between the mind and body when the time is right for them to do so, as determined by the body’s own innate intelligence, while on an appropriate protocol. Adam concentrates instead on what actually needs to be done to empower a client’s body to walk itself out of unwellness, regardless of the cause. Therefore, session time together is better spent determining two specific things: 1.) what’s going on in the client’s body and are the doctors missing anything that should be brought to their attention, and 2.) what exactly does the body need, and when, to fuel the activation of its own innate intelligence and healing ability at the quantum level.

The art of medical intuition has long been considered a New Age modality of consultation, but Adam consistently strives to bridge the gap between science and alternative perspectives through his work. His approach differs from the more classic forms of medical intuition in that his extreme hypersensitivity to energy has enabled him to extensively study the quantum mechanics of human health and wellness. His use of the resourcing technique allows his nervous system to act as a kind of “radio” to read energetic frequencies, making it possible for him to get an accurate sense of what’s occurring in a client’s body. By analyzing all of the measurements together, he is then able to offer bio-individualized protocols and guidance which have proven to yield profound results, even in complex cases.

This information can be an incomparable resource for healthcare professionals, helping them to refine the focus of diagnostics and narrow the scope of exploratory testing. As well, the guidance Adam provides is often used in conjunction with conventional medical therapies and treatment, thereby eliminating the need to choose one over the other.

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