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Crystal Consultation

The concept of using crystals for their therapeutic properties has been around for thousands of years, and yet, in our modern culture it continues to be considered outlandish and even ridiculous by many people. In my experience, however, at times when I’ve been in the most energetically sensitive states I have found crystals to be extremely powerful, and many clients of mine have also found them to be very helpful tools.

During a crystal consultation, I utilize the resourcing to scan through a database that includes hundreds of crystals in order to identify those of utmost benefit to you. From there, I will resource how you should use them, which covers when and how to wear them. It only takes a few minutes, and integrating them into your protocol can yield quite potent results. Most crystals are usually inexpensive, and only small pieces are necessary to achieve therapeutic effects.

I believe the beneficial attributes of crystals are directly related to their monatomic mineral content; the matrix of a crystal seems to amplify the energetic properties of these special minerals, and different elements have different vibrations, different frequencies, and therefore different effects on our physical and etheric bodies. I don’t think it’s as “magical” as it may sound, but rather an element of quantum physics that is not yet understood or recognized by modern science.

It’s important to note that this is not a program for “crystal worship” or anything of the sort. While I’ve always been fascinated with the natural beauty of crystals (my father is a geologist, so we always had them around the house!), I don’t “worship” them any more than the broccoli on my plate. They are simply natural tools, like food, and work like “quantum supplements” that can be used to help support our bodies through transitions to better health.

Over the years I have found, without a doubt, that rather than being a trendy addition to a protocol, the right crystals truly provide an essential aspect necessary for getting optimal results from your work with me.

Generally ranging from 20-30 minutes, Crystal Consultations are billed at the current session rate, with a 20-minute minimum.

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