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Cell Index Scanning

The Energetics of Cancer

Although I don’t specifically remember how I first became aware of the phenomenon of cancer, as an empathic child I found myself preoccupied with it from an early age. This fixation became a recurrent source of stress and anxiety, and in a life already filled with many energetic elements beyond my comprehension, it often became a focal point for anything I was able to feel but could not understand.

While most people are not consciously processing quantum energies, empathic children are—and they must do so from the vantage point of an inexperienced nervous system. Without the neurological maturity to process energetic elements for which they have no point of reference, it is not uncommon for them to establish a “story” to explain what they are sensing. In my case, as I could feel what I now know were energies emanating from the environment and from the people around me, my nervous system could only register them as feelings—of discomfort, and of something in my body that didn’t belong there. Even though I had 'normal' checkups, my young mind worried that these sensations could be indicative of an insidious condition not easily detected by a doctor. The concept of cancer seemed to be a plausible explanation.

This fear persisted intermittently until years later, when as an adult I began studying the world with my newfound resourcing ability. I made some interesting discoveries; most importantly, I found that I could identify and read an energy that was present only in people who had cancer, which meant I could scan myself and know that I didn’t have it! Also, as I simultaneously studied the Millivolt Index, I became aware that a benevolent, "life force" energy was moving through my body at a higher than average rate, which I realized was not the condition in which cancer proliferates; cancer is a condition of stagnancy, like scum growing in a pond where the water is not moving.

As I continued resourcing the energetics of cancer, I confirmed that the energy I was reading was that of the actual cancer cells, as opposed to an inherently fixed attribute of the individuals themselves. It also became evident that all cancers appear to share this energetic commonality, and that being able to measure the energy could be profoundly beneficial to people who are affected by the disease.

Much like the light energy of color can be recognized, processed, and evaluated by most human nervous systems (i.e., "What is the color blue, and how much is that person wearing? He is wearing a blue hat and a blue shirt," etc.), my particular nervous system’s ability to recognize the quantum energy of cancer allows me to use the resourcing technique to determine how much of it, and where, it is occurring in the body. Also, given that all cancers seem to follow the same kind of quantum process, this same technique allows me to evaluate at what stage of the process the energy is occuring.

I believe my ability to scan for the energetic presence of cancerous cells is comparable to how certain dogs are able to detect them using their keen sense of smell ("canine cancer detection"). Dogs have an olfactory system above and beyond that of most humans, making it possible for them (when specially trained) to identify unique metabolic compounds resulting from cancerous activity in the body. In my case, the heightened energetic sensitivity of my nervous system allows me to read and consciously interpret energies in a similar manner.

Through a series of tests, my colleagues and I were able to confirm that the energy I measure with what I now call the Cell (Cellular) Index correlates with professional medical diagnoses of cancer. I soon realized how valuable this index could therefore be in aiding medical professionals, given the limitations of the current diagnostic system and treatment protocols. Equally important, as I learned from my own experience, it became evident that when a person knows that the energy of progressive cancer is not being detected in his or her body, the experience can be deeply grounding, centering, and empowering. Putting people’s minds at ease helps them to maintain better energetic integration, as it helps them to avoid expending energy worrying and wondering about the possibility of a potentially life-threatening condition that they don’t have. Once they make this shift, it’s easier for them to feel that their pursuit of optimal health is not "hopeless" (given that the consensus is often that "everyone gets cancer anyway, so why bother"), which, in turn, helps them to be more proactive and harness their own power instead of fragmenting it into unnecessary energy "leaks."

Interestingly, I’ve come to understand that when it comes to the energy of cancer, it’s not simply a question of yes or no (present or not present) but rather a question of how much and where. While I haven’t given a name to the units reflected by the Cell Index, below are the ranges it may yield through any given scan.

Cell Index Ranges

0 - 75 = This is the range of a normal Cell Index, which indicates an absence of progressive cancer. It’s common for healthy human bodies to have a little bit of this activity occurring due to metabolic processes and unavoidable toxicities (in our worldly environments) causing DNA damage, but the protocols I resource for my clients usually reduce them down to a baseline of 0-5.

100 - 300 = This range indicates an abnormally elevated Cell Index, which can reflect the beginning of a progressive cancerous process. People with excessive inflammation from drinking or smoking often "hover" in this range until the toxic bombardment is discontinued; it doesn’t necessarily indicate that a cancerous condition has begun to proliferate, as the immune system can still be effectively controlling the spread of unhealthy cells.

300 - 2500 = In this range we find cancers in the early stages, as well as many that have been declared to be "in remission." It still denotes a substantial amount of cancerous activity hidden in the body, which is why cancers in remission frequently "come back," or the patient presents with a subsequent cancer in a different location. Depending on the type of cancer, this range may present somewhat of a “blind spot” in the conventional medical realm. A declaration of remission may or may not mean the cancer is gone—while sometimes it actually has been cured, in other cases it’s merely at a level that cannot be detected by medical diagnostics. (If the immune system cannot eliminate the remainder of cancerous cells, the cancer may return or spread to other parts of the body.) While this may sound scary, I’ve found that in this range nutritional therapy can be very effective in boosting the immune system and reducing a Cell Index down to a normal level.

3,000 - 12,000 = This extended range is where Western medicine can usually confirm the presence of cancer with diagnostics (depending on the type of cancer) and treat it.

12,000 - 12,500 = This range is where we see people in the final stages of terminal cancer. At this point in time, I’ve not found a Cell Index that exceeds 12,500, and I have hypothesized it is at this point that the energy of the cancer becomes stronger than the life force of the human body.

When the Cell Index is measured at a level where Western medicine can not yet detect cancer (usually less than 3,000, because either it has not been discovered yet and is on the rise, or it is ‘in remission’), this is the point at which nutritional therapy can be very effective in bringing it back down into the normal range of 0-75. While it’s up to people to decide what’s right for them and their bodies in the pursuit of healing, generally speaking, it’s my stance that if Western medicine can see it and treat it, they should.

Given the value of the Cell Index Scanning, I wanted to design a program where I could offer it separately, making it available to people within a matter of days instead of them having to wait to be accommodated as new clients. In the event of an elevated Cell Index, I do offer to prioritize session work with the client if he/she is interested in working with me further.

Overall, the purpose of the Cell Index Scanning is:

- To detect whether the energy of progressive cancer is present in a person’s body, outside the range of "normal" mutagenic activity, and if so, how much and where.

- To provide information people can take to their doctor to request testing. In many cases, Western diagnostics do have the ability to detect cancers in the earlier stages, but only if they know where to look! Given the multitude of cancers which can occur in the human body, it’s unrealistic to screen every person for every possible type of cancer all of the time. Instead, many cancers are left unaddressed until clues appear in routine blood work, or obvious symptoms present (neither of which usually occur until the Cell Index reaches a corresponding advanced measurement of 4,000 or higher).

- To help people diagnosed with cancer to gauge progress, regardless of how they choose to pursue healing (Western or Holistic/Alternative approaches), and to evaluate whether the chosen treatment plan is actually working so there are no "surprises" in the long run. Receiving this information can also help to prevent the energetic leaks/fragmentation that often occur alongside the fear and uncertainty that the experience of cancer can bring.

- To provide assistance to people in remission and their medical team. The Cell Index can be useful in confirming that a person is staying in remission, or, in the event that the cancer is returning, it can be used to aid in early detection. (This applies whether it’s recurring in the same location, or has spread to other parts of the body that are not being monitored.)

Request a Scan

To request a Cell Index Scan, please submit payment below.

After payment is complete, you will be taken to Step 2 of the process, in which you will upload a recent picture showing as much of your fully clothed body as possible. (Standing against a wall where I can see everything from head to toe makes it a little easier for me to scan for locations if I detect an elevated Cell Index.) Step 2 will also ask for you to include your name and the email address to which you would like the report to be sent, in addition to confirming that you are at least 18 years of age and that the photo is of yourself or a family member/minor for whom you have permission to pursue the Cell Index Scan.

Cost: $195
The current rate for the Cell Index Scanning is $195 per person, per scan. The turnaround time can vary between 24 hours and approximately one week, depending on my workload. You will receive a report from me that shows the Cell Index value, and if the resourcing indicates an abnormally high index value, I will proceed with a complete body scan that tells us 1.) the area(s) of your body where I’m detecting the Cell Index energy (which organs, etc.), and 2.) the percentage of the Cell Index detected in each of the locations found (for example: 80% liver and 20% large intestine/colon.)

The Cell Index Scanning is a tool for you to use at your discretion and for informational purposes only. I do not diagnose cancer—only your medical doctor can do that. I read and translate energy; you must decide how to use the information. Nothing on this website, including my services, is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

Also, please understand that I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy with this service or my ability to provide it; the possibility always exists that there may be complex situations which I have yet to encounter and that prove to be more difficult for me to read.

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