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Intro to Quantum Resourcing

In referencing quantum mechanics, we can hypothesize that everything in the universe has its own vibration or "frequency of existence," and information or energies of different kinds reside in various spaces or dimensions. Modern science has only begun to describe these concepts with studies of quantum physics and string theories, but humans have intuitively explored them for thousands of years as we have sought to better understand who we are and how we may better thrive as a species.

Through my work as a medical intuitive, I have developed a unique system of quantum resourcing, which I use in conjunction with my intuitive abilities and energetic sensitivities. I've been in practice since 2013 with this specific modality, which allows me to read all kinds of information from the human body, barring the need for guesswork, and without the interference of my own human biases. Even the most intuitive people still experience biorhythms that can affect their level of clarity and perception, but the resourcing technique I utilize successfully bypasses these elements of my own humanity, therefore allowing me to be an objective conduit and energy reader. So while my intuition is certainly an integral part of how I process all of the information I resource during a session, the foundation of my practice actually pertains to how I’m able to read quantum energies to determine what’s going on in a person’s body and exactly what that body needs (i.e., it’s closer to the way a person would use their nervous system to look at the color of someone’s shirt than it is a function of “intuition”).

It's important to understand that I’m also focusing on the body as a whole, determining exactly what it requires, and when, in order to activate its innate healing ability; this eliminates the need to address each and every symptom (unless, of course, severe and in need of immediate relief) as everything will be rebalanced in time with the appropriate protocol.

During a session, I work from a foundation of energetic indices and extrasensory scanning, all of which provide measurements that can help us learn about your body's current state of health and its precise needs. They can expose everything from the presence and location of disease or distress, to the functionality of organs and biological systems, in addition to helping us determine what variables are required—and when—to activate your body and support healing. For clients interested in the Full Program, the first sessions are usually geared toward establishing a foundational protocol of diet, nutritional supplements, and recommendations for detoxification. Subsequent sessions can be used to gauge progress or assess anything that may be a factor in your overall health and wellness, such as exercise regimens, environmental factors, cosmetics, bodywork, etc.

Given that I am not a licensed medical practitioner, I cannot diagnose any condition or disease, but I can provide useful information for consideration by you and your healthcare team.

If your doctors have done everything they can, and my initial resourcing doesn’t uncover any hidden concerns for them to address, as I mentioned, our second order of business during our work together is to design a complete protocol. One amazing aspect of this process is that we don’t need to figure out everything that is “wrong” in your body or why; the resourcing technique accounts for everything going on in your body and is unaffected by what I do or don’t know. Many medical intuitives focus on identifying the energetic or emotional roots of symptoms and imbalances, but I’ve found that these issues basically all work themselves out in their own time as your mind and body heal; all we have to do is give your body the proper circumstances for it to do what it knows how to do naturally, and I believe the minutiae of the process are far more complicated than any intuitive could ever fully articulate or understand (including me!) Thankfully, the body can lead the way to unwind and release its energetic and emotional issues if it simply has the proper tools at the right times in order to function optimally.

It turns out that when the human body is given the full spectrum of what it needs at exactly the right times, without having to expend energy dealing with incoming “assaults” from food allergies and other incompatibilities or irritations (which can even come in the form of supplements that may look great on paper and be all the rage but are not right for your unique body), an almost magical activation occurs. This phenomenon is where I get the term “Activation Protocol.”

Quantum Accumulation Syndrome

Quantum Accumulation Syndrome is the name I have given to the phenomenon of how the body accumulates the energy of stress that is not processed and released properly. The human body is like a battery which has the ability to store energy; in order to release the energy of stress efficiently as it occurs, it needs to be given the proper fuel while also not having to expend any energy to deal with physical irritations (which are predominantly found in the diet). Stressors that can contribute to quantum accumulation include everything from everyday work and social stress to more classic examples of trauma: break-ups, the loss of a loved one, accidents, assault, and other distressing experiences.

No two protocols I’ve resourced for any two clients have ever been the same; I often use the example that even if we’re all traveling to Los Angeles, some of us are coming from New York, some from Paris, Tokyo and even Antarctica, so the directions to get to the same destination—in this case, good health and equilibrium—are going to be different for all of us.

Over the course of my resourced research, I’ve extensively studied the phenomenon of quantum accumulation and how it affects our lives as humans, finding that it compromises everything from perception and mental health to physical wellness and longevity, the circumstances and relationships we are drawn to, who we feel that we are and what’s “real,” and even what we energetically attract into our lives (we can think all kinds of positive things, but if the energy of stress is still stored in the body, its influence will have a profound effect on the circumstances we “manifest”). Furthermore, what we’ve ultimately adopted to be a “normal blueprint” for aging and physical decline is actually based on a paradigm in which people are chronically malnourished, and their bodies are failing prematurely due to the oppressive energy of stress, as well as too much toxic bombardment, and not enough of the right physical “building blocks” to regenerate. My goal as a practitioner is to help walk people out of the “energetic prison” of quantum accumulation that has compromised their quality of life; the body has an innate ability to complete this task—all we have to do is activate it!

At this point, I’m hoping you have a better understanding of the work I do, and I encourage you to treat the rest of this website as a foundational reference. While it is mainly intended to educate clients and prepare them for their session time, it also serves as a resource for anyone interested in getting started with lifestyle changes that will be immediately beneficial, whether or not they choose to work with me as a practitioner.

You’ll find guidelines in the General Recommendations section of this site that I’ve compiled from my resourced/energetic research over the past decade; this information was previously only covered during sessions, but I wanted to keep session time focused on a client’s individual needs instead of using it to discuss my recommendations that pertain to everyone. While the bio-individualized protocols I provide during the sessions are streamlined to achieve optimal results as quickly as possible, the general recommendations alone will tip the scales in favor of anyone who follows them, helping to activate the body’s energetic potential and begin clearing the energy of quantum accumulation. Overall, I believe these guidelines are important for every person living in the world today to consider in order to keep the mind and body clear as the global environment around us continues to shift.

If you are interested in becoming a client, reading and understanding the information on this website will help you get the most out of your session time, thereby allowing us to establish an optimally effective protocol with as little cost to you as possible. I’m hopeful that this approach will also reduce the wait time for new client intake.

In closing, thank you for considering my services to support you on your journey, and please feel free to contact us with any questions that are not answered on this site. I look forward to working with you!

Adam Lloyd

P.S. A very special thanks to Derek Agnew, Julia Fields and Alex Modugno for helping to create this fantastic website!

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