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Other Energetic Indices

While some of these indices are standard process during an initial session, there are several others we can assess as well—whether they feel relevant to your specific situation, or you’re just curious to know what I can read. I’ve found that these indices serve a significant function in reconnecting a client’s mind with his or her body, as these two elements often become fragmented due to the energetic biomechanics of stress and quantum accumulation. Consequently, the reconnection of body and mind can help optimize the focus of a person’s own innate healing ability, which has often become scattered due to the overwhelm of excessive input from too many directions (especially in combination with the psychological trauma of being unwell). These indices can help us to learn about what is actually going on in our bodies, and when that happens, healing energy is automatically redirected by the nervous system to where it’s needed.

Please note that the protocol I resource during a session does not require exploration of these indices. I read the body as a whole, and the technique automatically accounts for anything going on inside it.

Autoimmune Index - This index measures autoimmune activity in the body on a 0-10 scale; in this case we want a reading of 0/10, indicating there is no autoimmune activity. Severe symptoms usually emerge in the 4-8/10 range, and I’ve yet to encounter anyone with a 9/10 or 10/10.

Methylation/Histaminergic Index (“MethylDex”) - This index measures whether or not your body’s methylation processes are functioning properly and whether the stored histamine is being managed effectively. High histamine levels stored in the body can contribute to many problems, including anxiety and other neurological issues. The index is measured on a 10-scale, with 9-10/10 being optimal and anything lower indicating an imbalance or “under-methylation.”

Allergenic Index - Any potential allergen can be assessed with this energetic index. We want it to be 0/10, meaning that your interaction with the food or environmental variable results in no allergenic activity in your body.

“InflammaDex” - This measurement allows me to read the energy of systemic inflammation present in your body. We want it to be a 0/10.

PTSD Index - Trauma changes the energetics of the brain, and this index can help us to assess and track the magnitude of these alterations. I measure this energy on a scale of 100%, with “normal” being 98-100% and anything lower indicating changes in neurology which are congruent with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Prisoners of war can be in the low 80’s with this phenomenon, but when energy is cleared from the “trauma battery” of the body, the index can begin to move back toward the normal range as the brain is rewired through neuroplasticity.

Battery Index - This index measures how much trauma is being stored in the body (the “Trauma Battery”). It’s not uncommon for me to see adults in the 6-8/10 range, and we want this to be a 0/10! It can take years to get down to zero, but incredible changes and improvements in wellbeing can be experienced in stages as soon as this number begins to come down.

Infectious/Contagion Index - I’ve found that the energy of infectious agents, from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) to the common cold, all share an energetic commonality. While nonspecific, this index measures the presence of any contagious elements present in a body. We want it to be a 0/10, indicating no contagious infections are present.

Immune Strength Index - We want this to be 10/10 as it indicates optimal strength and functioning of the immune system. Anything less than 10 indicates room for improvement!

Heavy Metal Index - This index measures the body’s burden of heavy metals. We want it to be a 0/10, but it can take a very long time to go from 1/10 to 0 given the presence of heavy metals in bones and how long it takes for bones to replace themselves. It’s not uncommon for adults to have a heavy metal index of 3-5/10. Unfortunately, people who use marijuana almost always have higher than normal heavy metal indices.

Organ Indexing - Each major organ has its own “energetic system,” which can be assessed for optimality. The indices are read on a scale of 100%, with about 93% and above being optimal and indicative of no major distress. The main organs I usually index are the brain, the thyroid, the heart, the liver, and the digestive system, which is essentially 3 systems: the stomach, the small intestine, and the large intestine.

Osteo Index - This index works like an organ index but I felt it was worth mentioning on its own. It measures bone density, and can be very helpful for assessing and tracking progression/remission of osteoporosis. We want it to be in the mid-90’s and above.

Psychic Potential Index - This one is really interesting! While everyone is capable of advanced consciousness and awareness, certain people have unique neurological wiring that allows their nervous systems to essentially access what I believe to be information/energy from other dimensions. “Psychic abilities” are still viewed as “New Age” or “magical,” but I believe they are neurological/genetically-oriented. The index is measured on a 10-scale, with more classic cases of psychic ability showing up in people at the 9 and 10 levels (10’s are very rare!).

Stem Cell Index - Stem cells are revered for their regenerative, healing and anti-aging properties; this index measures the amount of endogenous stem cell production in a person’s body, which can be enhanced with nutritional activation. Adults are often in the 12-15% range, and children in the 20-25% range. At higher voltages (Millivolts), this index has shown me that people in their 30’s or higher can still have the stem cell levels of healthy kids!

Skin Barrier Index - The skin barrier is a big factor in aging, and this index measures its integrity. Children will have a skin barrier index of 98-100%, and adults in their 30’s and up usually in the 80’s.

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