The path to wellness is highly individual...

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The Full Program

The Full Program is usually what most people seeking my guidance choose to pursue, as it yields the most profound results as quickly and smoothly as possible. It consists of Baseline Measurements, a Supplement Assessment, a Food Panel Scan, a Food Product Check, and a Crystal Consultation. The entire process can take 3-4 hours total, and occassionally longer, depending on the complexity of the circumstances, and we will split this time up between multiple sessions (I must limit resourcing sessions to 1-1.5 to avoid overtaxing my nervous system). The Baseline Measurements are initial assessments that include Millivolts, Cell Index, and a series of organ function readings called Organ Indices that will give us an idea of what’s going on in your body, in addition to any of the Other Energetic Indices you would like to explore (please see the section of this website with the same title for more information.) From there we create a protocol of nutrition and supplements based on exactly what your body needs, while eliminating allergenic triggers, irritations and any nutritional gaps that may be contributing to imbalances and preventing the optimization of your body and mind. The protocol will include "timestamps" as well as a schedule of precisely when to add or remove certain variables. I’m also able to scan ahead by about 8 months to one year, in order to provide you with a dynamic protocol that will shift with the changes your body experiences as your vitality increases.

Topics for Sessions

While it's up to you as to how you would like to spend your session time, I do recommend we complete the Full Program to ensure that you have a solid protocol in place by the end of your initial consultations.

The following is a full list and explanation of the topics we can cover during any session:

1. Supplement Assessment - Generally speaking, I've learned from my resourcing/research that there are a handful of supplements that are usually beneficial (or essential) for most people, sooner or later, but that there is a substantial amount of individuality and variance in the recommendations. Also, the introduction of supplements can require precise timing, both for optimal results and to prevent over-shocking the body with rapid detoxification. Timing is everything! The Supplement Assessment involves a program I've developed to cover the important bases, but you may have additional supplements you'd like to check for personal compatibility. The resourcing appears to primarily identify only the "essential" supplements for a client, but there may be other supplements that could be helpful/supportive to you and your process; your session is an opportunity to explore your own intuitive directions, so please be sure to send us an email containing product photos (as stated in the "Important Pre-Session Info" section). Supplements will be necessary for optimal results, but please rest assured that I make no money from these recommendations. They can all be purchased online from your vendor of choice, or often at your local health food store.

2. Food Panel Scan - This assessment involves a thorough scan of "whole foods in the universe" for compatibility with your body, and it allows us to identify food sensitivities and allergies. From this data, we will build a personalized protocol that ensures optimal nutrition for your body without any unnecessary restrictions. In addition to determining which foods are best removed permanently, the resourcing will indicate if any foods need to be removed temporarily while your body heals, and for how long. I call these "short term eliminations," and the scheduling "time stamps," which will tell us when the eliminated foods can be reintroduced.

3. Food Product Check - Food It can also be helpful to check processed products, as the Food Panel Scan really only covers "whole foods in the universe," and the production/sourcing of a food can affect a product's compatibility with your body (both in regard to individual sensitivity, and sometimes, general human consumption). Please be sure to send us an email containing product photos, as stated in the "Important Pre-Session Info" section.

4. Crystal Consultation - Find out which stones are personally indicated for you, as well as recommendations for usage. Sometimes clients will be curious about additional stones they feel drawn to, in which case please include a list with your Session Prep Notes email; we can check your personal compatibility with any crystal, and I can use the resourcing to rate each one on a scale from 1 to 10 (some stones can actually be unhelpful for clients, so it can be a good idea to check them.)

5. Body Work and Detox Protocols - When it comes to bodywork and detoxification, usually less is more, because the nutritional protocols are designed to support the body’s own processes of detoxification. Contrary to popular belief, forced detoxification in the form of liver flushes, chelation, excessive fasting, etc., can actually be quite traumatizing to the body’s chemistry, thus hindering optimal results. Certain modalities, such as acupuncture, reiki, craniosacral therapy, infra-red therapy, etc. can be very supportive in certain cases, as they help to support what the body is already doing with the protocol. This assessment can also be helpful in saving money; for example, your body may only need four acupuncture sessions over the course of two months, whereas the standard treatment recommendation may be more frequent (and subsequently too forceful, interfering with your body’s own natural progression).

6. Essential Oils - Receive personalized recommendations and therapeutic blend recipes. Unlike the use of crystals, I don’t find that essential oils are "essential" to anyone’s protocol, but they can be very helpful and supportive when used properly.

7. Cosmetics and Body Care Products - Check products that you’d like to assess for compatibility and quality. Please email photos or screenshots as per the "Important Pre-Session Info" section.

8. Western/Conventional Medicine - Although I'm clearly more of an "alternative" practitioner, I have learned through my resourcing-guided research that Western medicine certainly has its place. Given that the resourcing has also proven to be helpful in this arena, I'm happy to work with clients (and, by extension, their doctors) in considering details regarding medical treatments, medications, etc. While legally I cannot give medical advice, and my services do not take the place of professional medical care, many of my clients have found it helpful for me to explore the details of Western treatments for their consideration. For example, conventional medication dosing and administration may be based upon a generic model that does not (and cannot) take into account the highly variable response across any given group of people. By using the resourcing to read the energy that corresponds with the optimum dosing for a particular body, information may be revealed that the client’s physician can then integrate for greater precision.

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