The path to wellness is highly individual...

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General Recommendations

Welcome! The following recommendations are the result of years of resourced research and are intended to be a foundational reference for anyone seeking to make lifestyle changes and improve their overall health and well-being.

Please know that you do not have to be a client of mine to benefit from these general recommendations, as they provide an effective baseline protocol for everyone!

If you are already an established client, or if you’re considering becoming a client (or are on the new client waitlist), it’s very important that you familiarize yourself with everything in this section. Doing so will ensure that you get the most out of your session time, because it will allow us to focus on your individual details without having to discuss topics already covered here (at no cost to you).

All of the information provided here has been obtained not from articles or books, but directly from the quantum resourcing ability that I use for the session work (please see the "Intro to Quantum Resourcing" section for more detail). In fact, a lot of it was resourced for clients during sessions, but I later realized, upon further resourcing, that it applied to everyone and that making it available online could be helpful to people, in general. Also, I spend a significant amount of time outside of the session work resourcing data on everything from products, supplements and foods, to various lifestyle factors and their impact on general human health. The compilation of these discoveries over the years has culminated in the baseline protocol outlined below, and these guidelines alone are an integral part of activating your body and raising your millivolts.

I know there is a lot here for your consideration and it may be a little overwhelming at first, but I recommend taking your time and taking notes, much like you would during a session. I'm hoping that the availability of this information will help to keep the sessions affordable, in addition to making it possible for me to move faster with new client intake while ensuring that everyone’s protocols are as complete and effective as possible.

While I use the term "Medical Intuitive" to describe the service I provide for my clients, I'm really more of a "quantum energy reader," and through studying and reading many energies over the years, I've found that most people's bodies are extremely dormant in terms of energetic potential and flow. I also discovered that the body can be "awakened" or "activated" in a very unique and specific way—all we have to do is give it the right fuel, at the right times, while minimizing the amount of irritation it has to deal with simultaneously (foods and even supplements that are not compatible with your body at any given time, regardless of hype, may actually cause more harm than good). This activation can be nothing short of magical in regard to physical, emotional, and spiritual health; it can be far more effective than trying to chase symptoms with remedial solutions, and the need to address every single imbalance or issue becomes unnecessary as the body is supported in its own ability to heal. Our bodies are profoundly intelligent and inherently know much more about healing than either you or I ever consciously could. :)

While the detection of disease is a big part of what I do for my clients, the personalized activation protocols have become the foundation of my practice. They consist of a bio-individualized schedule of exactly what to do/take/eat/not eat (and when), and they facilitate the most profound improvements; the resulting activations promote healing and higher consciousness on all levels, while cultivating the "medical intuitive" that exists within all of us. Of course, the people who work with me one-on-one benefit from the depth of personalized detail we can cover, but again, these general recommendations are effective as a baseline protocol for everyone.

*Please note, as with any of the recommendations I provide, I have no financial interest in, nor do I have any affiliation with, any of the products or companies mentioned.*

— Dietary Guidelines —

Clean Food

First and foremost, I highly recommend that people adhere to an organic diet as much as possible, as organic food often provides higher nutrient levels and does so without the toxic burden on the body associated with conventional products. I have found this variable to be especially important when it comes to animal products and certain foods prone to GMO contamination, such as corn, sugar and soy. While I recommend always avoiding these foods, it's especially important to do so during the initial phases of healing, activation and detoxification (which can last 1-2 years). Organic food is usually more expensive, but it’s an important investment in your health and longevity. Human bodies do not do well when they are continually ingesting pesticide, herbicide, and antibiotic residues, as these substances are specifically designed to kill things. If these toxins are present in the diet, especially on a daily basis, degeneration and disease are inevitable.

It’s important to remember that the quality of any animal product is dependent on what the animals are being fed; if their feed consists of grains that are laden with pesticides, those toxins will end up in the final product, whether it’s meat, dairy, eggs, etc.

Please note that the food scanning I do during a session only takes into account foods in their most pristine, natural, unaltered state (free of toxins, antibiotics, GMO material or glyphosate residues, etc.) Sourcing is always a consideration, because the corn on your plate at a restaurant may not be clean. Without a focal point for a specific example (I could scan the aforementioned corn if you sent me a photo), the resourcing is reading the energy of whole foods in the universe and their compatibility with your body.

For people who are less sensitive or not in the midst of trying to heal chronic conditions, I recommend checking out the "Dirty Dozen" and "Clean Fifteen" lists online. These lists can give you an idea of which foods are safer to eat when not certified organic, and which foods should be avoided; it’s especially helpful to be acquainted with these lists when you go out for meals, too!

One last aspect to consider is that organic food tastes better, which can be very helpful in guiding young children to enjoy and crave vegetables, leading to healthier, happier adults with less quantum accumulation (please see the "Intro to Quantum Resourcing" section for more information on this topic).

Fresh Produce

It’s important to eat at least one meal a day that includes plenty of steamed vegetables. When we consider that we get both physical and energetic nutrition from our food, steamed veggies hold a lot of essential elements that every human body needs; steamed broccoli is probably the most nutritious vegetable that I can recommend in both of these categories. Other excellent choices are peas and carrots (surprisingly, in spite of the higher sugar content). Generally speaking, veggies should always be lightly cooked, and fruits are best raw.

The following vegetables are important for optimal activation. Focus on getting a serving of broccoli and carrots in each day, and choose whichever add-on vegetable sound good to you.

Daily Veggies: Broccoli and Carrots

Add-On Veggies (either with the broccoli and carrots or with another meal): Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, Cabbage, Green Beans, Squash, Fennel, Scallions, Bok Choy

Other vegetables can be acceptable, but these choices are the best for energetic reasons. Avoid eggplant and potatoes with eyes, as these are common irritants for many people. Yams and sweet potatoes are better options.

Fruit, in moderation, is not a problem for most people. There has been a lot of publicity around the concept that fruit "feeds cancer" because of the sugar it contains, and this notion is not accurate. I do sometimes have clients who need to remove many fruits from their diets for awhile, especially when there's a lot of candida present in their digestive systems, but many fruits contain valuable vitamins, minerals, and energies which are very helpful when added to "supplement" a foundational diet of protein and (preferably lightly) cooked vegetables. Remember that both healing and the maintenance of health require a lot of energy, so removing problematic elements alone does not yield optimal results. We want our diets to be a cornucopia of as many different beneficial nutrients and energies as possible. Over-restricting our diets does not provide our bodies with enough energy to heal and operate optimally!

Especially Helpful Activation Fruit (again, individual sensitivities may vary): Apples, Berries, Bananas, Peaches, Nectarines, Pears, Watermelon, Cherries, Plums

Look for both fruits and vegetables that are dark in color, as it's not only an indication of higher nutrient value, but also usually an indication of more nourishing energies and minerals. Nightshades can be problematic for a lot of people, especially with autoimmune conditions, but it's not as "across the board" as one might expect. This topic is something we will explore during a dietary session.

Eliminating Gluten is Not a Bad Idea

About 1/4th of my clients ultimately do fine with gluten, but even in that sub-group, they usually need to cut it out for a certain period of time while their bodies heal. Even though organic and sprouted wheat isn't the most nutritious food, if we don't find it to be a "long-term elimination" during your session, you can always add it back in.

Red Meat

It can also be good to eliminate red meat for the time being. A lot of people need to abstain from red meat for several months until their digestion and vitality are stronger, and even then it should usually be kept to only 1-3 meals per week, at most. For some clients, I get long-term negative responses to red meat consumption, although not as many as I do for gluten.

Ghee, Butter Oil, and Vitamin K2

I wasn't sure to put this under foods or supplements, so we'll just call it a supplemental or "functional" food. I've found the K2 present in grass-fed, clarified butter to be essential for everyone, even people who can't do any dairy products (the allergenic proteins are no longer present in properly made ghee). Probably the best brands I've found of organic ghee are Ancient Organics, Banyan Botanicals, Gold Nugget and Organic Valley. Some of my clients also make their own from an organic, grass-fed butter (you can find recipes online).

I highly recommend that everyone (including children) follow at least a temporary regimen of High Vitamin Butter Oil, or "raw ghee" that has been extracted with a centrifuge instead of heat. The brand I recommend is NutraPro International, and it can be found online (, or on Amazon). It's quite expensive, but it contains a therapeutic, hormone-like substance called the Wulzen Factor, which is destroyed by heat, unfortunately. Wulzen Factor helps with inflammation, and given what I'm able to resource about the product, I believe that butter oil is an essential food for the human body to operate optimally. For most of my clients, I recommend they take a teaspoon each day (children can be given 1/2 teaspoon), and then use the less expensive ghee for everything else. Make sure that you don't use it for cooking or on hot foods because it will destroy the raw nutrients that make it so valuable! Butter oil can be taken continously, but given that it is so expensive, usually a therapeutic regimen of 1-2 jars is all that's essential for most people.

Vitamin K2 is a super-essential nutrient for human bodies, and while it can be found in products like pastured eggs, the only way to really get enough is by ingesting these aforementioned products. There are a handful of K2 supplements on the market these days, but for whatever reason, I have not gotten good responses to them from my resourcing abilities. Both ghee and butter oil, when properly made, are perfectly fine for people who can't otherwise do dairy products, because they are simply the fat, vitamins and minerals found in grass-fed dairy, and none of the allergenic milk proteins are present in either product.

Please note that I do not get positive responses to fermented cod liver oil (or any cod liver oil) for human consumption, which is often marketed alongside butter oil products.

Remove Milk Proteins

Through my session work, I've found that a lot of people need to remove milk proteins from their diets (milk in a jug, butter, ice cream), but that a lot of people can do fermented dairy (yogurt, kefir, sour cream), because in these products, the problematic proteins are pre-digested by the probiotic bacteria. You want to make sure it's organic, and look out for sugar and other additives like guar gum (this goes for all products, actually, not just dairy), but fermented dairy can be a very nutritious add-on food for a lot of people. Dairy products aren't "essential" foods, like protein and cooked veggies, but given that healing is a "re-birthing" process of sorts, the energetic nutrition of dairy products can actually be quite helpful, given what milk is intended for in nature. Organic sour cream can be fantastic for a lot of people, given its high content of phospholipids, which help with the healthy maintenance of cellular membranes. There are some people, especially those with autoimmune concerns, who shouldn't consume any dairy products, but I do see that these cases are relatively unusual, generally-speaking.

Animal Protein

This next topic is not a favorite of mine, and I hesitated to include it here, but I felt that not doing so would prevent people from getting optimal results from the baseline protocol. Please understand that I myself am not happy about this aspect of our reality, but as a conduit and energy reader it's important that I relay the information to the best of my ability.

Unfortunately, I do not get positive responses to veganism or vegetarianism for general human health. I don’t fully understand why it happens, but people who have been following these diets for a period of time acquire deficiencies and imbalances that I can read energetically. Although we can certainly get complete proteins from plants, again, it’s important to understand that we also get energetic, or quantum, nutrition from food; given that animal protein provides a unique profile of nourishment, there does not appear to be an equivalent energetic substitute.

Some people do have genetic anomalies that allow them to fair better on these kinds of diets (they tend to be the most visible proponents of the vegan and vegetarian movements), but in general the energetic nourishment we get from healthy animal protein is essential for optimal human health in the long run.

This topic is something I still struggle with, as an empath who feels very connected with animals. Unfortunately, it appears that our need for animal protein is simply a reality of our optimal existence as a species on this planet. In addition to the information I've resourced, I've found that people on vegan or vegetarian diets, over time, often present with signs of premature aging, higher rates of tooth decay, emotional imbalances, cancer, degenerative physical changes, fatigue, menstrual irregularities, a general loss of vitality, and even conditions that appear to be healing or detox reactions but which never clear.

I am saddened by this reality, but I believe we can approach the topic of eating meat much like many native cultures have done, with reverence and respect for the animals. I do not ever advocate the consumption of conventional, industrialized animal products; please choose only those which are humanely and sustainably produced, free-range and preferably organic.

Across the Board Eliminations

Unfortunately, I also get negative responses to coffee and alcohol (even red wine, with its polyphenols) for human consumption, across the board. But don't worry! Having these treats once in a while, once your vitality is high and you're not having any symptoms, can ultimately be acceptable for many people without any severe consequences. What we don't want to do is use coffee as a daily, artificial energy source, when the body is screaming, "I don't have the energy or fuel to be functioning well right now," and we "override" the message with espresso. Similarly, in addition to being physically toxic, alcohol also prevents the body from processing and releasing energy properly, thus allowing the quantum residues of trauma (everything from daily stress to more classic examples) to build up and result in a lot of physical and emotional problems over time. Please note that even marijuana and CBD oil have this same effect on the energetics of the human body. Copaiba, on the other hand, an essential oil marketed as an alternative to CBD oil, is actually "resourcing approved" and quite beneficial for many people. While I don't get positive responses to internal consumption of this product, diluted, transdermal application of Copaiba can be an excellent option to help with relaxation after a busy day.

Regarding other across-the-board eliminations:

I also get negative responses to most nuts, excluding almonds (which actually aren't technically "nuts"), macadamias and hazelnuts (although the latter two tend to be allergenic for a lot of people). Raw seeds, on the other hand, are beneficial and well-tolerated by most people, including pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, chia seeds (make sure they're prepared properly!), flax seeds and sesame seeds. It's important to eat seeds and nuts raw because cooking them oxidizes the oils and makes them inflammatory. Even "raw" almond butters can be problematic, as the grinding process can actually heat the almonds. Fortunately, a company called Artisana developed a low-temperature grinding technique that helps prevent this issue.

Seafood can be a problem these days, unfortunately, given the current conditions of our oceans, as many sea creatures accumulate toxins to a degree that is not healthful for human consumption. Shrimp, tuna, and swordfish are not recommended. Salmon is usually the safest bet, but sourcing is a major factor to be considered.

Kombucha, although touted as a health drink, is not recommended, in spite of its probiotics. It contains compounds that generate acetaldehyde in the body, similar to alcohol.

Avoid classic table salt at all costs as it contains chemicals that we should not be consuming. I recommend everyone use Utah Sea Minerals (a liquid salt by Trace Mineral Research), which can be evaporated to make a dry salt, if preferred. Himalayan salt is also acceptable, although I would consider its mineral and energetic properties to be slightly inferior to the Utah salt. Both of these products are superior to table salt in purity and nutritional benefit.

And finally, some good news! Sugar is not as "evil" as the current literature would suggest, and fat is actually essential to human health. What we want to do is avoid refined cane sugar and agave (in spite of it being marketed as a "health food"). Better options are coconut sugar (which has a relatively low glycemic index) and molasses (certainly an acquired taste, but it's loaded with all kinds of fantastic minerals and nutrients). Raw honey is great, but I find that a lot of clients need to wait awhile before they introduce it into their diets (due to the high glycemic index). Also, unfortunately, I get a lot of negative responses to honey products (even some of the very expensive "high end" examples), given that bees will pick up all kinds of pollution within a certain radius beyond their immediate sanctuary and bring it back to their hives. One of the best products I've found is the Organic Raw Honey by Honey Gardens (but only the organic one! I have gotten negative responses to their non-organic version of the same product).

The truth about fat has been slowly surfacing in recent years, so this part may not be news to many of you, but "good fats" do not contribute to heart disease (or any disease, really). In fact, dietary fat is essential for optimal human health. By "good fats," we mean non-oxidized fats: ghee, avocados, almonds, olive oil, coconuts, etc. Human bodies tend to work better when given less carbs and more "good fats" for sustained energy. "Primal" and "Paleo" diets utilize this phenomenon, but they can also include a lot of oxidized fats (due to high-temperature cooking) and too much red meat. Generally speaking, we want to keep our cooking temperatures very low—around the boiling point of water—so steaming and lightly poaching foods yield the best results, in terms of both energetic and physical nutrition. Again, this guideline doesn't have to be a "lifetime sentence," but it's something you'll want to consider while you're in the process of healing and "activation."

I've found through my research that the achievement of optimal health is basically alchemical in nature, requiring the body to synthesize perfection from a lot of imperfect elements. You can find problems with just about everything we eat. Cooked food, raw food, grains, seeds, lectins, phytates, sugars, you name it. The good news, however, is that when the body has everything it needs, even if it has to pull "pieces" from many different sources, it can do amazing things while discarding the imperfect elements. The reason for this phenomenon is another discussion entirely, which I won't get into here, but the understanding of it is what really matters.

— Water Quality —

I really can’t stress this enough: water quality is extremely important! I always tell people, before you even invest in a session with me, please fix your water; clean food and water should be the first priority in all cases. I've often had follow-up sessions with clients where I discovered they still hadn't addressed the quality of their water supply, even after months of following all of the other recommendations I provided. Skipping this crucial element can significantly slow your progress!

Based on my experience and research, I strongly believe that fluoride is something everyone must avoid; it should not be present in water or dental products—this is essential. While we obviously want to keep our teeth and gums clean with mechanical brushing and flossing, the products we use on our teeth have little effect in the long run. I won't go into detail here as to the biochemistry of fluoride, but I will say that it's definitely not helping to improve anyone's health. Fluoride is actually absorbed through the lining of the mouth, and is then dispersed throughout the body, where it wreaks havoc and causes systemic health issues over time; even if you aren’t swallowing it, you’re still getting a substantial dose if you’re using fluoridated toothpaste or mouthwash. Healthy teeth require proper nutrition to prevent and even reverse tooth decay—it can be done! The most important elements for optimal dental health include minerals from steamed veggies, sea salts and spring water, as well as the K2 in ghee and butter oil.

Although the array of options for water can be overwhelming, spring water and artesian water are the best choices; unfortunately, filtration systems tend to remove valuable mineral content and compromise the water's energetic and nutritive properties. People used to travel great distances to consume spring water because of its "magical healing properties," and there were reasons for this! A good artesian well is essentially a man-made spring, and although some people say we should only be drinking water that emerges naturally from the ground, the resourcing indicates that artesian water can be just as good. Fiji, an artesian water, contains high levels of naturally occurring ionic silica, which is excellent for bodies that are detoxing and being "activated," as this process can be very intense for the nervous system and the silica is naturally soothing to the nerves.

I highly recommend that people also cook with non-fluoridated, non-chlorinated water. This is not an exhaustive list, but the resourcing has given positive responses to the Eldorado Springs, Arrowhead, Deer Park, and Fiji brands of spring/artesian water for cooking and drinking.

Overall, it's very difficult to take municipal water and turn it into an optimal source for human consumption, and while Brita Filters are quite popular, unfortunately they do not remove fluoride, or even enough of other common contaminants to be beneficial. On the other hand, the filtration systems that do efficiently remove contaminants also tend to take everything out of the water. It's important that your water has some minerals in it, and while adding them back in can be acceptable in some cases, it's best if they're in naturally occurring complexes and concentrations. Water filtered by reverse osmosis can be ok for some people, and certainly better than tap water, but again, it’s important to add some minerals back in—even though RO does not completely filter out all of the minerals, it still removes too many. While Mother Nature is much better at achieving the proper mineral balance, 10 drops of Concentrace (by Trace Minerals Research) per gallon of RO water is in the range of what we need.

In the same regard, please avoid distilled water! Given that it is completely devoid of all minerals, it can really disturb a body's chemistry over time and ultimately strip it of essential elements. The resourcing gives me negative responses to distilled water, even if Concentrace minerals are added to it. Alkaline waters should also be avoided.

So much of healing relies on re-mineralizing the body, as minerals are conductors of energy, and disease of any kind can't really "take hold" and proliferate in a body where energy is flowing well (this variable is something I assess with the Millivolt Index, which is covered under the “Pre-Session Information” section).

Having said all of this, I’ve found that for some people the type of water consumed is extremely important, while for others, the primary concern is simply that the water is clean, has minerals, and is free of chlorine and fluoride. In my case, given my extreme sensitivity and unusual process, the resourcing would at times indicate that I should drink water from only one particular spring for months at a time, but this level of specificity isn’t usually necessary.

In regard to bathing, I highly recommend using a KDF shower filter; this reduces the chlorine and hydrogen sulfide found in tap water, which are both toxic and irritating to the body. The filter I've had the best results with is one made by New Wave Enviro. While I've read quite a bit of research regarding other filter types, like Vitamin C filters, the resourcing gives me negative responses to these options.

Unfortunately, getting fluoride out of one’s bathing water is not an easy task, and we do absorb some of it through the skin, but I’ve found that if it is avoided in dental products and drinking water, the effects of showering in fluoridated water can be less significant. I still would not recommend taking baths and soaking in it regularly, as it increases exposure and absorption. For those living in houses, there are house-wide fluoride filters that can remove it at the point of entry to the home, but these are quite expensive. Ultimately, the only real solution is to raise awareness so that eventually, as a community, we’ll do away with adding it to our municipal water supplies at all. Until then, "the solution to pollution is dilution…"

— Supplements —

Regarding nutritional supplements, there isn't a lot of general information I can offer, as each person's protocol is unique. While there are a handful of supplements that are usually beneficial for everyone sooner or later, the timing of their implementation is essential. Introducing a supplement at the wrong time can be unhelpful or even detrimental to a person's process. Furthermore, it's important to understand that, just like with foods, any supplement that doesn't physically or energetically resonate with a body's precise needs can be irritating or even traumatizing to the person's chemistry and constitution.

Here's what I can give you:

While there can always be exceptions, I do find that people over the age of 20 usually benefit from some kind of enzymatic therapy. The exact product/formula and dosage tends to be very individualized, but the products to which I usually get the best responses are made by a company called Enzymedica. Their "Digest Basic" or the stronger "Digest" formula would be a good idea for pretty much everyone to add to their regimen, but just 1 capsule a day, and at the end of a substantial meal (preferably the evening meal). When we assess your bio-individualized protocol, I may recommend a different formula (and sometimes a higher dose) for a certain period of time, but the Digest Basic or Digest is a good place to start. If you're taking enzymes for the first time, it's especially important to take them at the end of your evening meal, so you're not experiencing any potential detoxification symptoms while you're out and about during the day.

Please note that while the product is marketed as a "digestive enzyme" to be taken at the beginning of each meal, we're using it as an "enzymatic therapy" instead. The enzymes are actually absorbed systemically, even when taken after food, and can help with everything from inflammation to detoxification and "damage control" for any conditions present in your body or irritating factors currently in your environment or diet.

Other supplements that are usually essential for most people sooner or later are fish oil (I do not get positive responses to krill oil, and again, please avoid all cod liver oils) and kelp, which provides iodine (I also get negative responses to synthetic iodine products). Both of these supplements are very powerful for catalyzing the healing potential of the human body and are usually excellent for most people immediately. Recommended brands are Carlson's (just their regular liquid fish oil, either the Orange or Lemon flavors—be sure to keep it refrigerated!) and Oregon's Wild Harvest for the kelp. Take both of these in the evenings, after a complete meal. If you are experiencing thyroid issues, kelp should actually be avoided until we can go over your personalized protocol during your session.

Although they can be more convenient sometimes, I do not recommend fish oil capsules, as the gelatin used is often problematic, and they also tend to be prone to hidden rancidity. The liquid oil by Carlson is excellent because most people find it has a very light, pleasant taste, and therefore it's very easy to tell if it ever becomes rancid (it will taste terrible!).

Finally, coconut oil is not "pure poison" or whatever the rumor has been. In fact, I get the indication from the resourcing that a little bit of coconut oil is actually very helpful if not essential for optimal health as it provides a unique kind of energy compared to other "good fats." You don't need much, just 1/2-1 teaspoon a day, as a little goes a long way. If you're not using it for cooking, have a little bit after your evening meal with your fish oil and butter oil. You can also have it right before bed, too, which is what I usually do, as I use it to brush my teeth.

— Personal Care Products —

When the body is constantly bombarded with irritating and toxic elements in one’s diet and environment, it must put a lot of energy into dealing with the incoming assaults. Unfortunately, this means less energy is available for "cleaning house" and regeneration at both the physical and energetic levels. The elimination of toxins from your environment and personal care products can be an important factor in getting optimal results from any information I provide during a session, or even from the General Recommendations. Some things should be avoided by everyone, while others depend on an individual’s chemistry and sensitivities.

Unfortunately, many personal products are formulated with chemicals that add to the body's toxic burden. Also, while the skin does a good job of keeping quite a few unhelpful things out of the body, one should consider that anything going onto the body basically has the potential to be absorbed into the body. Again, toothpaste should be fluoride-free, because even if it’s not swallowed, fluoride is easily absorbed through the lining of the mouth (I use organic coconut oil these days, and it works very well). Shampoo and conditioner should also be free of ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (Hairprint Amla Shampoo and Conditioner is one resourcing-approved option). Deodorant can have some pretty unhelpful stuff in it, too, but Crystal Deodorant and Humble antiperspirants are good options to try (remember, however, that individual sensitivity and allergies can affect results). Depending on your level of sensitivity, it can be helpful during your session for me to check the products you are using for hidden issues.

The fewer toxins you are exposed to, inside and out, the faster and more efficiently your body can find its way to an optimal state of well-being. When the body no longer has to expend energy dealing with daily bombardments of irritation and toxicity, in addition to getting the proper nutritive fuel, then deep and profound healing, regeneration, and activation can occur.

— Earthing —

Earthing, or the act of connecting one's body with the earth's electromagnetic field, is excellent for everyone. It can help to re-normalize a body that has been thrown out of balance by stress and electromagnetic bombardment, and getting your bare feet on the ground for just 5-10 minutes a day can be immensely beneficial. Even standing on cement, such as a patio, can be effective as long as it touches the earth!

Earthing pendants can be helpful, and the resourcing has indicated that the "Mirror Resonance Technology" invented by a company called EarthCalm is the most beneficial. Their Sanctuary Pendants are excellent, but I've found that they shouldn't be used until energy is flowing well throughout the body (this variable is something I assess regularly during sessions). If you’d like to experiment with using one of these pendants on your own, I recommend following the rest of the General Recommendations for 3-6 months first. Classic, feet-on-the-ground earthing, however, is something that everyone should do, whenever possible!

— Environment —

Salt lamps

Salt lamps are excellent for everyone. Indoor living isn't always as healthy as we'd like it to be, so we want to make it as much like "living in the forest" as possible. As the salt is heated by the light bulb, negative ions are released into the air, much like moving water, and it makes the air more healthful to our bodies. Look for smaller lamps because they give off more ions; some of the bigger lamps, while impressive and beautiful, don't get warm enough on the outer layer for optimal ionic benefits! Also, although candle lit salt lamps are pleasing to the eye, they tend to be less therapeutically effective than the units using light bulbs.

Greenwave Filters

As it turns out, more energy moves through electrical wires than just the electricity itself; enharmonic "noise" can be generated by our appliances, but it can also be present on the grid where the electricity enters our homes. This noise actually generates an irritating, ambient energy that is disruptive to the human nervous system. Some people are very sensitive to its presence and can feel it immediately upon entering a building, but for others, its effects are much more insidious. Ultimately, this energy has the potential to contribute to all kinds of health problems, from sleep disorders and anxiety to disruption of the immune system. Greenwave Filters are the best products I've found for clearing this energy from our homes. Interestingly, I get better responses from the resourcing to the Greenwaves than I do to their predecessors, the Stetzerizer Filters, and I believe this is due to the fact they have a third/grounding prong. A full set of Greenwave filters can be quite expensive, but even just purchasing a few to reduce the unhelpful energy in the sleeping quarters of your home can be very beneficial. They can be found at

Electromagnetic pollution, in general, is a huge issue in our modern world. It doesn't directly cause cancer, but what we have to remember is that our bodies are energetic, vibrationally-oriented "instruments," and unnatural electromagnetic energy can confuse, or interfere with, our own electrical systems (the brain runs our bodies with electrical signals). Eventually, this can result in over-stimulation and run our bodies down until our organ systems become depleted and can't function optimally. This includes the immune system, which is why scientific studies have yielded a vague correlation between cancer and cell phones (cell phone energy isn't able to "break the bonds" of DNA on its own, like ionizing radiation). Some additionally helpful steps we can take to reduce electromagnetic bombardment include unplugging wi-fi transmitters and putting our cell phones in Airplane Mode when we go to bed. Also, electronics out of the bedroom and even alarm clocks as far away from where we sleep as possible. It's not a bad idea to purchase a small Gaussian meter to check for hot spots and make sure your bed isn't putting you in the middle of an avoidable LF electromagnetic field while you sleep, especially if you're experiencing any sleep problems. The TriField 100XE, or the newer TF2 model, are both great.

Feng Shui

Many elements of Feng Shui originate in cultural superstition, but one aspect that is essential for us to consider is the way in which energy flows through our living spaces. Proper Feng Shui in the bedroom is especially important, given that we do a lot of healing and integrating while we sleep, and we do not want our bodies to be overstimulated by ambient energies during this time. Ideally, it’s best to avoid sleeping directly below a window, and there should always be enough room for energy to flow between the windows and the door of the room (can you walk between them?) Also, the head of the bed should point east or west, and the foot of the bed should not point toward the door. If you have any concerns about how to optimize the Feng Shui in your unique environment, this is something we can assess during a session.

It's important to consider that the pursuit of optimal health doesn't always have to be thought of as a black-and-white, all-or-nothing ordeal. When someone is ill or experiencing symptoms that affect his or her quality of life, then it's certainly best to "dot all i's and cross all t's," but overall, we can think of the pursuit of wellness as less of an "on/off switch" and more of a scale, which we want to keep tipped in our favor. The information provided here (and during the sessions) is designed to be an optimal baseline and foundation from which to work; as your vitality increases and the dialog between you and your body becomes clearer, you can experiment with which corners to cut and when. Over time, a healthy, high-millivolt body can become your own medical intuitive as you navigate life in a world where complete control" over everything we eat and are exposed to is not always feasible.

Please note that when making any of the changes I've recommended you will most likely experience cycles of detoxification. This means you might feel worse before you feel better; physical and energetic toxins can yield unpleasant experiences as the body finally begins to process and release them. The good news is that detoxification and healing usually come in waves, and while the first stages may last from a few days to a few weeks, after that they should be intermittent—not continual and for months on end. Look for signs of energy movement, or symptoms that shift around in the body and change from day-to-day, even if you're not feeling great; it’s helpful to observe these changes, as they are a reminder that you are progressing and not getting "stuck" in the unpleasant experience. What we don't want to see is stagnancy, where emotions negatively "flat-line" for weeks and/or physical symptoms don't change, as this is a sign that energy isn't moving like we want it to.

Sorting through food sensitivities and food-induced healing reactions can be tricky, but one thing to look at is whether or not your reaction is the same each time. If you eat a food and experience something odd, wait a few days and try it again. Does the exact same thing happen, in the exact same way? If so, it may be a sensitivity, in which case you should probably avoid it permanently (or at least until I can check it during a session). On the other hand, food-induced healing reactions usually aren't repetitive; a food that triggers healing reactions will produce different experiences each time you eat it, depending on what your body is processing and releasing at that time.

Ok! That’s everything I have for now. I hope you have found this information helpful. There’s a lot here to absorb, so give yourself plenty of time to process it! Updates will be added at the end of this section, if and when there are more general recommendations to be shared.

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Wishing you all high millivolts and optimal health!

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