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Important Pre-Session Information

Preparing For A Session

In order to maximize the productivity (and minimize the cost!) of your session, please carefully read and thoroughly follow the instructions below. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need clarification. Thank you!

Before the Session - Email Us:

1.) A very brief and simple email entitled “(Name)/Session Prep Notes” that includes any major concerns or symptoms you may be experiencing, in the form of a bulleted list (please no long narratives, as these are truly unnecessary for the process). The protocol that we cover will be geared toward healing and rebalancing your body and mind on the deepest levels, so addressing individual symptoms usually isn’t necessary; the resourcing allows me to read the needs of your body as a complete system, even if we don’t explore every symptom individually during your session, so don’t worry if you forget to include something in your session prep notes.

Please also include a recent photo of yourself with this email, as it can help make the session more efficient if I'm not having to focus on your energy solely through the phone.

**If I am going to be doing the session by proxy for a child or family member, please include a photo of him or her instead with this email.

2.) An email entitled “(Name)/Supplements” that includes a photo or screenshot of each supplement and/or medication that you are currently taking, or are considering taking. Underneath each photo please list: a.) the name of the medication/supplement, b.) the exact dose that you are taking, and c.) how often and what time of day you are taking it.


3.) An email entitled “(Name)/Food Product Check” that includes a photo or screenshot of each processed food product that you want to have checked for compatibility and quality. If you are requesting a Cosmetics and Body Care Products Check, please follow the same method, but with “(Name)/Cosmetics and Body Care Products Check” as the subject of the email.

Note: You may want to arrange for a way to record your session, and many clients report good results from using a Google Voice account. Even though you will be taking notes, having a recording for your reference can be helpful. We’re going to cover a vast amount of material and having it recorded will ensure that you don’t miss anything in your notes. Conversely, having notes that are as complete as possible will safeguard against the loss of the information in the event that anything goes awry with the recording. It’s a good idea to have both.

**Please note that while I do document the details of each client’s case for my records and to help me process the sessions, any time spent on requests for information from the session notes will be billed at the full session rate.

Guidelines for During the Session

1.) Please note that it's very important for you to be sitting comfortably, alone, in a quiet environment, and free of distractions, during your session. Trying to multitask can be disturbing and "scattering" to the energy on your end, which can make it harder for me to focus, therefore compromising session efficiency and productivity. For example, a session cannot take place while you are driving.

2.) Be prepared to take notes! It’s very important to take notes during a session, as we are going to cover a lot of territory! Clients are more than welcome to record their sessions, but I still recommend they take notes, as it can help them with processing all of the information. Also, having a backup is important, in case there are any problems with the recordings.

What to Expect

During a session, I will shift the focus of my nervous system to your vibration, which allows me to resource all kinds of questions about your body and what it needs. The transmission is binary (yes/no) much like a computer, and can also provide numeric values. When I say "it" is telling me something, I’m referring to the resourcing. While this technique may sound similar to “kinesiology,” it’s actually a complex method of channeling which involves my entire nervous system—something I figured out how to do in the aftermath of a neurological injury that left me hypersensitive to energy of all kinds.

I often receive information intuitively, clairsentiently or "vibrationally," and I use it for direction as to which questions I should be asking via the resourcing. The resourcing, however, isn't exactly a "crystal ball," as I have to ask the right questions and interpret the energetic impulses I receive. I've developed a program to cover the most important bases and, as a conduit, I have no influence over the answers. My job is to stay "locked in" while I properly direct the focus of each question.

For each client, I begin the session by taking a handful of baseline measurements that will give us all kinds of immediate information about your health and body. These indices (including Millivolts, Cellular Index, and Autoimmune Index) can be especially helpful for gauging progress as time goes on. At this time, I can read other indices that may be of interest to you (please see Other Energetic Indices section). It's important to note, however, that while this further investigation can be helpful in energetically reconnecting you with your body, it does not affect the protocol we create, as I will be resourcing/reading all of the energy that is present, regardless of whether or not we explore every detail.

From there, we will establish the foundation of a personalized protocol, based specifically on what your unique body needs in order to find and maintain equilibrium as well as optimal energetic activation. Given that the body has only so much energy to allot toward any process, it’s important that we eliminate as much irritation and toxicity as possible so that energy is not needlessly wasted. When this conservation is accomplished, in combination with providing all of the proper nutrients in the correct amounts at the right times, the focus of energy shifts from “damage control” to the activation of a hidden genomic potential; over the course of my work and resourced research, I’ve found that this approach provides the most profound results in regard to regeneration, healing, and even the expansion of consciousness and intuitive abilities.

Distance Healing Effect

Many people have written to me asking about "Distance Healing" services, and while I don't advertise as offering them exclusively in my practice, my colleagues and I have discovered that the phenomenon actually occurs spontaneously as a side effect of the resourcing process. Most of my clients report having a few days of very distinct detoxification symptoms after a session: fatigue, intense feelings of "overwhelm," brain fog, ascension-type symptoms, even drastic "shifts in perception" (and all before they have implemented any of the changes the resourcing has recommended). While the mechanism of this phenomenon isn't fully understood (even by me), it has become apparent that a lot of energy can move, much like when a person receives Reiki or bodywork in person, simply due to the transfer and movement that the resourcing process initiates. It's important to consider this occurrence beforehand so you will not be alarmed if you experience these symptoms after a session!

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