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Instagram Database

Over the years, my clients have frequently requested follow-up sessions to resource various food products, for quality and compatibility with their bodies. For the most part, what we’re checking for with these scans are hidden problems, such as contamination or rancidity. While the scans are indeed helpful, I started to realize there was quite a bit of redundancy regarding the specific items people wanted me to check; it occurred to me to create an easily accessible database with all of the “resourcing approved” products for reference, and Instagram appeared to be a great platform for this purpose.

Note: It’s important to remember that individual sensitivities can be a factor with these products, but, generally speaking, they are excellent options for anyone. Please feel free to follow the account and share it with your friends! I will be posting additional products as I encounter them.

The concept of products being “#ResourcingApproved” began as somewhat of a comical catch-phrase amongst my friends and fellow intuitives, but I actually like the term because it reiterates that these recommendations have nothing to do with my own opinions regarding brands; they are simply a reflection of the products that yield a “10/10” rating from the resourcing when I run the scan using an energetic focal point for “general human consumption.”

To view the Instagram Database, please click here.