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Millivolt Index

Quite some time ago, I saw a documentary that explored numerous spiritual and metaphysical theories with modern-day science. One topic they discussed was the energy in a person’s body, which could be measured in millivolts, peripherally. They found that people who were sick tended to have very low voltages in their bodies, whereas people who were considered "healers," or athletes, at peak performance, all had very high voltages.

Intrigued by this idea, I familiarized myself with its "concept frequency." As the resourcing involves what I call "focal points," or vibrational targets, I needed to really familiarize myself with the quantum frequency of what was being measured in the documentary.

After that, I went to work at researching the phenomenon myself. I measured the Millivolts of all my clients, of celebrities, of everyone I knew, and it was really interesting what I found—people who were healthier yielded higher numbers from the scan, and people with either drug and alcohol problems or terminal illnesses, very low numbers.

I’ve now spent several years incorporating the Millivolt Index into my research and client sessions, and through this exploration I have noted attributes common to each subrange of the spectrum:

Under 300 Millivolts — This range correlates with severe health problems, drug and alcohol abuse, terminal illness (on the lower end), advanced cancer, etc., and consciousness at these energy levels seems to shift more toward primal/immediate survival. Also, memories and even current perceptions can become very selective and distorted, as in this range, any information which challenges a person's comfort zone and belief system tends to be immediately rejected. This occurrence may have something to do with how much vital force is required to re-process and clear trauma and energetic/emotional baggage; people in this realm may simply be lacking the energetic reserves for these processes, so their body/mind systems quickly "rewrite" reality to accommodate a framework that will be less stressful and threatening to them.

400 to 600 Millivolts — This range seems to be an indication of "average" health (which also tends to involve less obvious processes of insidious disease or degeneration and a slow decline in vitality, unfortunately). While the focal point is slightly vague, the resourcing indicates that 85% of the world's population today is under 500 millivolts.

700 to 900 Millivolts — Starting above the 700 mark, we begin to see above-average vitality and resilience, with higher forms of consciousness emerging. As the body has accomplished a significant level of physical vitality, people in this range really begin to start clearing the energetic residues or their past experiences, deeply reprocessing trauma to retain the wisdom and lessons learned while the energy is cleared, in layers, from the nervous system and cellular memory. Subconscious (and conscious) emotional burdens begin to fall away.

900 to 1100 Millivolts — This range marks a transition into "way above average." Interestingly, people above the 900-millivolt mark seem to experience surges in conscious intuitive development, becoming more "vibrationally-oriented" and energy-sensitive, and gaining substantial clarity in regard to emotional and social issues in their lives that previously caused confusion and distress.

1200+ Millivolts = I call the range above 1200 Millivolts the "healer range." Here we find people who are talented energy healers, intuitives and body-workers. Interestingly, my colleagues and I have discovered that people with very high millivolts can actually have a "healing effect" on others simply due to proximity; just being in the room with one of these people can make a person start to "detox" as if he or she is receiving energetic bodywork.

It’s uncertain as to whether or not the Millivolt Index measures the same energy being measured in the documentary, as the numbers they reported are slightly different from what I’ve found through my practice and research. This difference could be due to their measuring the voltage externally/peripherally, whereas I may be picking up on the "epicenter" of the circuitry where the energy is strongest in the body. I do know from experience, however, that the Millivolt Index is extremely effective in assessing the state of one’s body and its ability to be a conduit to some sort of “life-force” energy.

One final comment—interestingly, it seems that trauma can actually alter the nervous system in a way that may raise a person's potential for higher Millivolts, presumably through biological mechanisms of neurogenesis and survival. (Millivolts seem to be directly related to the nervous system, which carries energy through the body.) I found this notion to be fascinating, because while so many people often feel "broken" or "ruined" in the wake of trauma, these difficult experiences may actually present opportunities for advanced evolution, spiritual development and higher vitality in the long run.

Millivolts can change quite quickly when a person is healing, detoxing and regenerating, in months, or even weeks, so it’s a very helpful measurement in gauging the progress of a client, especially if someone is experiencing a lot of healing reactions and is in need some reassurance!

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