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"My son ended up in the ER at the age of four, barely breathing, as a result of severe asthma. After the doctor stressed the seriousness of the situation, we spent the next five years trying to manage it by consulting an array of professionals across multiple disciplines. The treatment approaches spanned the spectrum from conventional/pharmaceutical to alternative/holistic, including nutritional and energetic protocols. To our dismay, it became evident over time that the symptoms were gradually worsening, in spite of our efforts. By the age of 9, my son had reached a startling medication threshold of six treatments per day, every day, including oral steroids in a nebulizer. We were discouraged, and at a loss. I soon realized we were also in the danger zone if he should suddenly have a severe attack, because we were already using ALL of the medications the doctors had prescribed; his body appeared to be adapting to them, so I had nothing left to use as a ‘plan B’ as I’d always had before.

That’s when we found Adam. He was kind, compassionate, and encouraging from the very first phone call. Using his truly unique and extraordinary abilities, he assessed our situation and provided a specialized protocol that we could begin implementing immediately to get my son well.

One of the most eye-opening aspects of the initial process for me was the dietary protocol; I was positively shocked at the number of ‘healthy’ foods and supplements I’d been giving my son (via all of the other practitioners) that were actually fueling the problem! Some of them I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years. He also pointed out several foods that would be fine (or even beneficial) for my son, which were completely counterintuitive to me, as someone who’d had asthma myself as a child. Nevertheless, on some level, the information resonated as truth.

Another profound aspect of our work with Adam was his ability to resource the medications we were using. Although the doctors prescribing them had intended for us to taper off, they were never able to provide a successful plan for this; as soon as we’d start to wean off of a drug, as per their instruction, the asthma would flare and we’d immediately have to return to the full dose. We were stuck in a loop and going in circles, until Adam resourced a detailed plan for titration. I was slightly nervous about the timing of this, as it was the start of spring in Atlanta; everything was beginning to bloom, and the pollen count was on the rise—794 the day we implemented the plan. Pollen had historically been a trigger for the asthma, and the count continued to climb over the following weeks, peaking at 5,354. Incredibly, we tapered down off the medications successfully, one by one, even as the pollen count soared.

The end result defies conventional explanation; five years after the ER visit, and four months after starting on the protocol Adam gave us, my son was off every medication, and commented that he finally felt ‘like a normal kid.’ You can’t put a price tag on that! We’re grateful every day to have the privilege of working with this amazing, generous, incredibly gifted human being."

—Julia Fields, Atlanta, GA


"Working with Adam Lloyd has been an answer to prayer! While I’m still in the beginning phase of my healing process, my entire life has changed. The results have included an undeniable surge in energy, decreased anxiety and stress, deep and solid sleep in addition to waking up feeling rested and rejuvenated. Adam's gift for zeroing in on foods, supplements and lifestyle factors that are inhibiting progress is undeniable. I’ve worked with over 30 health care professionals to address my hormonal and metabolic struggles, and without a doubt, Adam has been the only source to provide results. Adam’s approach is professional, patient, kind, supportive and empathetic. It has been an incredible experience to work with him and I am beyond grateful for his care. For the first time in years, I am excited and hopeful for my improving health and future."

—Candice, 34, CA


"Adam’s suggestions, delivered in a kind and nurturing way, have made a significant difference in the energy I feel every day. I am 54 years old and have more energy than I did in my 20’s! Thanks to Adam, I greet every day with enthusiasm and a sense of passion and excitement. He is a wonderful soul, and I recommend him to anyone who is seeking to increase their energy, but more importantly, to improve the quality of their life."

—Marie, San Francisco, CA


“Adam has a great gift, which he continues to refine in extraordinary ways. Not only can it provide guidance in areas where our own compass is obscured, but it empowers us to hear and heed our own inner, deeper truths. This is powerful and enduring support, especially in the realm of nutrition, where we often try to meet an overwhelming array of options with guesses, mentation and hearsay. Adam is able to tap into us, beyond the ‘noise,’ and address our individual needs in present time.”

—M. Landon, Writer/Healer, Albuquerque, NM


"Tonight was my first night in a new acting workshop and my first time back on stage in a year and half. It was simply a cold reading situation, but it felt great--I felt great. I was able to feel much more fluid and free, my emotions were drastically easier to access, and more importantly, I didn’t obsess over self-critique after my turn. Without a doubt, all of these changes are due to my work with you! Thank you, thank you for everything. It still feels like a dream, like a miracle, after years of struggle with my health and well-being. I truly don’t know how I am so blessed to have access to your incredible heart and astounding abilities."

—C., Los Angeles, CA


"Countless doctors couldn't figure out the cause of my pain and poor health. The tests all came back within normal ranges, and the diagnostic theories kept piling up, but I never really got any consistently better. Then, one day, after seeing so many of my posts on Facebook about my medical frustrations, an old friend made a huge impact by introducing me to Adam. From a foundation of diet and supplements, Adam taught me how to take control of my health and start rebuilding myself. Very quickly, my 'millivolts' started to go up, and I began to experience a profound transformation on several fronts. My kids now have their mom back, as I'm finally pain-free and have the energy to spend time with them! I also recently had some X-rays re-taken, and I no longer showed any signs of degeneration or arthritis."

—Colleen Kukulski, Phoenix, AZ


"About 7 months ago, I had reached a point with my health where I had essentially given up on ever feeling good or healthy again. I would get migraines frequently, be too dizzy to drive or even walk down the street, and I constantly woke up feeling hungover with intense abdominal pain. Over the years, I had met with several doctors and naturopaths, trying many different things, but these directions always lead to me either running out of money or being overwhelmed by too many medications or supplements. I developed an unhealthy fear of food because everything seemed to be hurting me. When Adam's services were recommended to me, I was a bit skeptical, but I decided that I didn’t have anything to lose. I made a commitment to myself to go all-in with his philosophy and the protocol he provided for 6 months. The initial consultation was eye-opening, and the following day, I was able to go grocery shopping with no fear, feeling confident in every food I selected. I was able to throw out all of my old supplements and take just 4 a day (instead of 10). The cycles of detoxification throughout this process have been intense, but the results have been worth it (I highly recommend having a good support system in place before embarking on this kind of journey). Two months in, I was able to not only perform as a pianist at a friend's wedding, but I was also able to dance until midnight and actually enjoy myself! Now, in month 7, I'm finding the concepts are much easier to grasp, I’m able to do so much more in a day regarding work, errands, and my social life, and I’ve also had the emotional space to start healing old wounds that I couldn't even begin to process while I was ill. Adam is very encouraging and cares incredibly for each of his clients. I still have a long road ahead, but this is the first time I’ve felt a difference and had a regimen I can maintain. I'm a true believer (and proof!) that Adam's guidance can yield life-changing results!"

—Trissina Kear, Los Angeles, CA


“Working with Adam has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. I suffered for years with environmental and food allergies, seeing countless doctors and being put on awful drugs and regimens. After one session with Adam, I immediately began seeing significant improvements in my body’s responses and functions. He is a joy to speak with, and THE most knowledgeable healer/human/practitioner I've had the pleasure to work with. I am so grateful to have met him and have highly recommended him to friends and family members with great success!”

—Alex, 23, San Francisco, CA


“Adam has an incredible level of intuition that can not be described in words. He has been a great support to me throughout my journey and is always amazingly accurate with his readings. The detailed level of tailored nutritional guidelines he can provide is seriously life-changing. Although it can be a challenge for me to resist my love of baked goods sometimes, Adam has been able to help me put an end to the chronic stomach pains I’ve dealt with with for many years. I've also noticed positive changes in other areas of my well-being, including improvements in my energy levels.”

—Levi, 32, San Francisco, CA


“I knew I wanted to make some changes, but I didn't know where to start, especially considering the added pressure and limitations of being a student. Adam was able to provide me with a simple but powerful protocol, based on the information he could draw from me. It seemed unusual, at first, but within weeks I noticed profound differences in the way I looked and felt. Everyone around me gets sick constantly, but I hardly ever do now. Some of the most interesting effects, however, have been in regard to my shifts in perspectives, certain emotional changes, and an expansion of consciousness that continues to evolve. As a Neuroscience major, it has been a very eye-opening process.”

—Joe, 20, CU Student, Boulder, CO


“Adam has helped me optimize my intake of supplements. Some of the them turned out to be unhelpful or unnecessary for me. For those that were found to be essential, he was able to adjust the dosage and the timing for my own personal needs. I had not realized the impact that the timing of certain vitamins had on me, resulting in very restless nights. I am sleeping better, feeling better, and spending less money. This is important for someone on a fixed income!”

—S.S., Denver, CO


“My husband has had bad tremors and shakiness throughout his life. In recent years, it had gotten so bad that he had trouble eating. Doctors offered no solutions. Within a few minutes, Adam was able to pick up on what we could do and even how quickly we could expect results. He was right on. My husband himself was skeptical, but now he’s a believer, and he’s as steady as I’ve ever seen him.”

—Shirley, Evergreen, CO


“I feel like every time I read anything, turn on the TV, or talk to anyone, I’m hearing of something else I should or shouldn’t be eating, another supplement I need or shouldn’t be taking, or something else I’ve been ‘doing wrong.’ It can be overwhelming, if not depressing. Adam was able to hone in on me and my body, very quickly identifying what I needed and which directions were right for me. His technique for reading the body is unique and has proven itself to yield results. The sessions are worth the expense, and they have put my mind at ease. I feel great, and I no longer worry about the hearsay.”

—Jo, Indian Hills, CO


“Working with Adam was interesting because he was able to tell me things I already knew and suspected about myself and my health without me telling him anything. From there, he was able to connect the dots and fill in the gaps to give me a complete and personalized regimen. I’ve a already noticed improvements in my fatigue and have been impressed with his abilities.”

—M.N., IN