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Priority & 10-Scale

During a session, when I resource recommendations for a client to either remove or include a certain variable, one detail I will often assess is the “priority.” Priority can help us gauge how much of an impact the adjustment will have on achieving optimal results.

There are three “tiers” of prioritization I use:

Essential - When I get a positive impulse to a variable being “essential,” this is an indication that it's very important for your overall progress, and that not making the change will have a strong probability of contributing to symptoms or a decline in vitality.

Important - If I get a positive impulse to something being “important,” it’s an indication that it’s a very good idea to make the change, but it isn’t necessarily going to “make or break” your progress, by itself.

Helpful - Getting a positive impulse to something being “helpful” indicates that making the change will be beneficial and certainly move you in right direction, but that the impact will be negligible compared to something that is “important” or “essential.”

Sometimes a session will present with an overwhelming array of changes to be employed, and getting the priority of each factor can be helpful in simplifying and focusing your protocol.

Another topic we can explore is whether any given factor is being recommended for a short period of time or for the longer term. I call this element "Variable Scheduling." Sometimes certain elements only need to be removed for a while, while the body re-calibrates and heals, but they will eventually be acceptable, and in these cases, I can ask for specific scheduling. In the same regard, sometimes it can be "too soon" for the introduction of certain variables, but in this case, I can resource exact scheduling for when they can be utilized in the protocol. The end result will be a personalized, bio-individualized program, unique to you, to bring your body into balance for optimal healing and vitality.

Finally, at times, it can be helpful to rate the "helpfulness" of any variable, which I complete using the binary function of the Resourcing. These ratings are on a scale from 1 to 10, and they can be very helpful when comparing the benefits of any variables to your unique process.

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