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Water and Fluoride

Based on my experience and research, I strongly believe that fluoride is something everyone should avoid. I won't go into detail here as to the biochemistry of fluoride, but I will say that I can assure everyone it's not helping improve anyone's health (and quite the opposite, actually). Healthy teeth require proper nutrition to prevent and even reverse tooth decay (it can be done!). Using fluoride is unhelpful and can cause systemic health issues, over time. Fluoride is readily absorbed through the lining of the mouth, so even if you aren’t swallowing it, you’re still getting a massive dose if you’re using fluoridated toothpaste or mouthwash.

I highly recommend that people cook with and drink non-fluoridated, non-chlorinated water. Spring water is best, and I've had great results with the Eldorado Springs, Arrowhead and Fiji waters. Unfortunately, Brita-type filters do not remove fluoride, and the filtration systems capable of removing it tend to take everything out of the water. It's important that your water has some minerals in it, and while adding them back in can be acceptable in some cases, it's best if they're in naturally occurring complexes and concentrations. For some people, I’ve found that the type of water they consume is extremely important to their process, while for others, it isn’t as important, as long as their water is clean, has minerals, and is free of chlorine and fluoride.

In regard to bathing, I highly recommend using a KDF shower filter to all of my clients. This reduces the chlorine and hydrogen sulfide found in tap water, which are both toxic and irritating to the body. The filter I've had the best results with is one made by New Wave Enviro. I've read a lot of research regarding other filter types, like Vitamin C filters, but for whatever reason, the Resourcing actually gives me negative responses to these directions.

Unfortunately, getting fluoride out of one’s bathing water is not an easy task, and we do absorb some of it through the skin, but I’ve found that if it is avoided in dental products and drinking water, the effects of showering in fluoridated water can be more negligible. I still would not recommend taking baths and soaking in it regularly, as it increases exposure and absorption. For those living in houses, there are house-wide fluoride filters that can remove it where the water enters the home, but these are pretty expensive. Ultimately, the only real solution is to raise awareness so that eventually, as a community, we’ll do away with adding it to our municipal water supplies. Until then, “The Solution to Pollution is Dilution…”