The path to wellness is highly individual...

Find out which directions are right for you.

Preparing For A Session

In order to make your session most productive, please prepare and email me some notes regarding any concerns or symptoms you may be experiencing, as well as a list of any supplements you are currently taking. Feel free to include any additional information that you think may be pertinent to your case, as I've found it helpful to conduct the sessions with a visual reference. The protocol that we cover will be geared toward healing and rebalancing your mind and body on the deepest levels, so addressing individual symptoms is usually unnecessary, but it can be beneficial for me have a full understanding of your background. Ultimately, we can assess any aspect of your daily self-care regimen, health and lifestyle, and it can be very important to "leave no stone unturned."

Please note that it's very important for you to be sitting comfortably, in a quiet environment, and free of distractions, during your session. Trying to multitask can be disturbing and "scattering" to the energy on your end, which can make it harder for me to focus and therefore compromise session efficiency and productivity.

During a session, I will shift the focus of my nervous system to your vibration, which allows me to ask all kinds of questions about your body and what it needs. The transmission is binary, yes and no, much like a computer, and the impulses are felt in the nerves of my fingers. When I say "it" or “the Resourcing” is telling me something, that’s what I’m referring to. This technique may sound similar to “kinesiology,” but it’s actually a complex method of channeling which involves my entire nervous system, something I figured out how to do in the aftermath of a neurological injury that left me hypersensitive to energy of all kinds.

I often receive information intuitively or "vibrationally," and I use these inclinations for direction as to which questions I should be asking via the Resourcing. The Resourcing, however, isn't exactly a "crystal ball," as I have to ask the right questions and interpet the impulses I receive. I've developed a program to cover the most important bases, and as a conduit, I have no influence over the answers. My job is to stay "locked in" while I properly direct the focus of each question.

For each client, I begin the session by taking a handful of measurements that will give us all kinds of immediate information about your health and body. These indices (including Millivolts, Cellular Index, and a series of organ function measurements called Organ Indices) will be especially helpful for gauging progress as time goes on, and this part of the session usually takes about 15 minutes to complete. From there, we can explore anything from the origins of symptoms and treatment options to foods and potential allergens or irritants that may be present in your diet and lifestyle. These assessments allow us to create the foundation of a personalized protocol, based specifically on what your unique body needs to find and maintain equilibrium. The body has only so much energy to allot toward any process, and when we eliminate as much irritation and toxicity is possible, it can put its energy into other things--like regeneration, healing, and even the expansion of consciousness and intuitive abilities.

Topics for Sessions

While it's up to you as to how you would like to spend your session time, I generally recommend that we cover the Food Panel scan, the Supplement Assessment, and a Product Check for your go-to processed products to ensure you have a solid protocol in place by the end of your initial consultation. The following is a full list and explanation of the topics we can cover during any session:

1. Food Panel - Food sensitivities and allergies, personalized elimination diets/scheduling. It can also be helpful to check processed products, as the Food Panel really only checks "Whole Foods in the Universe," and the production/sourcing of a food can affect a product's compatibility with a client (both in regard to individual sensitivity, and sometimes, general human consumption). For Product Assessments, please include a list in your Session Prep Notes. (Also, photos/screen shots can help us save time, as I often need a visual focal point for the Resourcing if I'm unfamiliar with a product.)

2. Supplement Assessment - Generally speaking, I've learned from my resourcing/research that there are a handful of supplements that are usually beneficial for most people, sooner or later, but that there is a substantial amount of individuallity and variance in the recommendations. Also, the introduction of supplements into one's regimen can require articulate scheduling for optimal results and to prevent over-shocking the body with rapid detoxification. Timing is everything! The Supplement Assessment involves a program I've developed to cover the important bases, but you may have additional supplements you'd like to check for personal compatibility. The resourcing seems to be most concerned with identifying the "essential" supplements for a client, but there may be other supplements that could be helpful/supportive to you and your process; Your session is an opportunity to explore your own intuitive directions, so please include a list of any supplements you'd like to assess in your Session Prep Notes. Supplements are pretty much always necessary for optimum results, but please rest assured that I make no money from these recommendations. They can all be purchased online from your vendor of choice, or often at your local health food store.

3. Body Work and Detox Protocols - Usually, "less is more," but this assessment can be helpful in saving money and not "overdoing it" in any regard.

4. Crystal Therapies - Find out which stones are personally indicated for you, including recommendations for usage. Sometimes clients will be curious about additional stones they feel drawn to, in which case, please include a list with your Session Prep Notes; We can check your personal compatibility with any crystal, and I can use the resourcing to "rate" each one on a scale from 1 to 10. (Some stones can actually be unhelpful for clients, so it can be a good idea to check.)

5. Essential Oils - Personalized recommendations and therapeutic blend recipes.

6. Cosmetics and Body Care Products - Please make a list of all products you'd like to assess; Again, photos or screenshots can be helpful!

It’s very important to take notes during a session, as we are going to cover a lot of territory! Clients are more than welcome to record their sessions, but I still recommend they take notes, as it can help them with processing all of the information. Also, having a backup is important, in case there are any problems with the recordings. It's best not to think of the sessions as "readings," but rather an interactive process. If any ideas, directions or questions come to you during our time, please bring them to my attention.

Western Approaches

Although I'm a rather "alternative" practitioner, I have learned through my "Resourcing-Guided Research" that Western Medicine certainly has its place, and I'm also happy to work with clients (and their doctors) to go over details regarding treatments, medications, etc. Legally, I can't give "medical advice," and my services can't take the place of medical care, but some of my clients have found it helpful for me to explore the details of Western treatments for their consideration. Doctors often have a tendency to over-treat to protect their liabilities, and the Resourcing I provide can help eliminate the guesswork that is often involved with allopathic approaches.

Distance Healing

Many people have written to me asking about "Distance Healing" services, and while I don't advertise as offering them exclusively in my practice, my colleagues and I have discovered that the phenomenon actually occurs spontaneously as a side effect of the Resourcing process. Most of my clients report having a couple days of very distinct detoxification symptoms after a session--fatigue, intense feelings of "overwhelm," Ascension-type symptoms, even drastic "shifts in perception" (and all before they have implemented any of the changes my resourcing has recommended). While the mechanism of this phenomenon isn't fully understood (even by me), it has become apparent that a lot of energy can move, much like when a person receives Reiki or bodywork in person, simply due to the transfer that the Resourcing process initiates. It's important to consider this occurrence beforehand as to not be alarmed if you experience these symptoms after a session!