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Rates and Scheduling

Resourcing Sessions

Current Session Rate (direct session with client) - $300/hour

Sessions by Proxy (using a photo to resource information for a child or family member who is unable to work with me directly requires more energy/focus) - $375/hour

Given the physically demanding nature of this work, I do like to inform people that it's not something I'm able to do 8 hours a day as per the typical profession.

Furthermore, depending on the complexity of your case, it can take me several days to process a session, to ground myself and to restabilize my nervous system. I sometimes receive and resource additional information during this time, in which case I will email you the details. The current hourly rates, billed only for the actual session time, include the potential for these additional elements.

When it comes time for me to accommodate your session, I will contact you to confirm and we will discuss potential times in your schedule that we might be able to connect. At this time, you can inform me as to how long of a session you'd like to do (30 minutes to 1.5 hours), and I will send you an invoice via PayPal. Feel free to wait until right before the session to pay the invoice, but please note that payment is due by the start of the session.

Wait List and Prorating

Due to the energetically demanding nature of my resourcing and the oscillations of my nervous system, I have to be in a certain "space" to do the session work, therefore my availability can be a little unpredictable. I hope to be able to accommodate more structured scheduling in the near future, but for the time being, I prefer to take down clients' windows of availability and connect with them when they line up with my own. There is currently a potentially extensive wait time for new client intake, although the wait list is not just a "first come first serve" list, but also, a "who's available when I can do a session" list. As a result, the more open your availabilty, the better the chances that I can accommodate your session sooner! In the meantime, I urge new clients to familiarize themselves with the information on this website, as it covers my general recommendations for everyone and helps to ensure you get the most out of your session time and overall experience with me, as a practitioner.

Please note that while I usually recommend new clients use their first session to assess a foundational protocol of diet and supplements, I am happy to use my resourcing to explore any topic of concern. I can also prorate session time for sessions that last less than 1 hour. Please feel free to discuss with me your needs!

To add your name to the wait list, please click here to fill out the New Client Request Form.

Ascension and Detox Counseling

I've been finding that, as my clients' Millivolts increase and their consciousness expands, the detoxification cycles they encounter can be extremely intense and overwhelming; As a person gets healthier for real, the mind and body must release a lot of "old programming" to fully integrate a new "way of being," and this uncharted territory can be quite frightening, at times. Even after reading the "Healing and Detox Reactions" section on this site, a lot of my clients are still finding the changes extremely difficult to process. To aid with these transitions, I'm now offering a different kind of session I'm calling "Ascension and Detox Counseling." During these followup sessions, we can discuss your progress and how your experiences fit in with the Ascension process; Once you have an improved understanding of the "bigger picture" of what's happening to you, some of the seemingly negative incidences can actually be quite exciting! While these sessions are not centered around resourcing new information, I'm happy to include a Millivolt/Cellular Index Check-In and a Progress Check on any of the introductory indices I took during your initial session. Also, the entire session will incorporate remote energy work to help you release any fear you may be facing and integrate your new directions ("distance healing").

Initially, I had tried to offer the Ascension/Detox Counseling sessions at a reduced rate, but I found that clients wanted to do a lot of resourcing in addition to the counseling, and the different rates became too complicated to assess for billing. Consquently, I have kept the rate the same as for the Resourcing Sessions, but I do offer discounts based on how much resourcing I end up doing during any given session.