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Personal Care Products

When the body is constantly bombarded with irritating and toxic elements in one’s diet and environment, it must put a lot of energy into dealing with the incoming assaults. Unfortunately, this means less energy for "cleaning house" and regeneration. The elimination of toxins from your environment and personal care products can be an important factor in getting optimal results with any information I provide during a session. Some things should be avoided by everyone, while others depend on an individual’s chemistry and sensitivities.

Unfortunately, a lot of personal products are formulated with toxic chemicals that just add to the body's burden. Also, while the skin does a good job of keeping a lot unhelpful things out of the body, one should consider that anything going onto the body has the potential to be absorbed into the body. Toothpaste should be fluoride-free, as even though it’s not swallowed, fluoride is easily absorbed through the lining of the mouth (I actually use Raw Organic Coconut Oil these days, and it works very well). Shampoo and conditioner should also be free of things like sodium lauryl sulfate. Deodorant can have some pretty bad stuff in it, too, and I highly recommend that clients switch to something called Crystal Body Deodorant, which is actually made of salt and can be found at most natural food markets. Depending on your level of sensitivity, it can be helpful for me to check the products you are using, during your session.

The more toxins that can be eliminated from your environment, the faster and more efficiently your body can find its way to a state of optimal well-being. When the body no longer has to expend energy dealing with new bombardments of irritation and toxicity, in addition to getting proper nutrition, then deep and profound healing and regeneration can take place.