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Healing and Detox Reactions

While our modern culture cultivates us to believe that if we are feeling bad, it's a bad thing, and if we are feeling better (or our symptoms are being suppressed), it's a good thing, these notions are not always accurate. The healing reactions that often occur when a person is truly getting well can be very confusing and disheartening, often appearing to be a worsening of health or symptoms, a reoccurrence of past conditions, or sensitivities and allergies to foods or supplements. When we consider that most symptoms are either energy moving or energy that is “stuck” in a kind of feedback loop, this can drastically change the way we view our bodies and how we care for them.

Unfortunately, most bodies in today’s environment grow up unable to completely heal themselves from injury, illness and disease. Without the right emotional or physical conditions necessary for a complete recovery, they heal partially, and the rest of the illness or damage is literally sequestered internally to areas where it will not pose an immediate threat to functionality. Over time, however, these residues can affect us both physically and emotionally. Some people talk about "cellular memory," which relates to this occurrence precisely. The energies of past illnesses are often stored at the cellular level, and while it isn't yet recognized or understood by Western Medicine, I've found it to be a very real and fascinating phenomenon.

There are many theories on how to clear cellular memory and release the energy of past trauma and disease, but in my experience, I've found personalized nutrition and detoxification ("Nutritional Balancing") to be an optimal foundation for this process. Other modalities, like various forms of energy work or EFT, can be helpful for some people, but I've observed that removing any irritating foods and supporting the body with a personalized protocol for proper nutrition allows it to unwind and release the energy all on its own, when it is ready, without being forced, and in the right order (which often seems to be quite random). Human bodies can do amazing things, they just have to be given the right tools, and we have to know how to get out of the way and let them do their thing!

Over the past several years, I’ve studied many diet recommendations and theories, combing through them with the Resourcing technique I use for the session work. The verdict is strong—No one set of rules works for everyone, because every body and person is unique. When most people try to follow generalized guidelines, they often over-restrict and under-nourish themselves, which leads to less-than-desirable results and vitality, in the long run.

It's important to remember, when making the changes we cover during your session(s), that there will probably be times of feeling worse as the body gets strong enough to clear the cellular memory of your past. It's not uncommon for people to feel fatigue, flu-like symptoms, sometimes rashes, sore throats, nausea, digestive issues or headaches. A frequent set of symptoms I have personally experienced is intense itching and sensations of “pins and needles.” There may be times when old symptoms, long gone, spontaneously show up for a little while. Emotional volatility and lability are also very common, as are feelings of depression, anger, and anxiety. You may even have vivid flashbacks of events that happened years ago as your physical and etheric bodies re-calibrate themselves and detoxify. Staying well-hydrated and allowing yourself additional rest is important during a healing reaction. It's also important to let yourself feel the experiences and emotions completely, observing them as peacefully as possible and free from any judgements (this can definitely take some practice, in some cases). Symptoms shouldn’t be suppressed, as this can interfere with the healing process and potentially force the energy being cleared back into the body. Reactions can be alarming and sometimes quite unpleasant, but they're also a very good sign, as they’re an indication that you're purging toxins of all kinds and that you’ll soon feel a lot better. Allergies can vanish, “millivolts” go up, consciousness expands, well-being improves, and the likelihood of disease in the future minimizes. It’s worth the work!