The path to wellness is highly individual...

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Welcome to the home page of Adam Lloyd, Medical Intuitive and Quantum Consultant. Adam specializes in helping clients improve their vitality and heal from imbalances, with a focus on providing personalized nutritional plans, self-care regimens and detoxification protocols.

Medical Intuition is a special kind of Extra Sensory Perception that gives a person the ability to sense or read certain aspects of the human body to help find answers to health problems or disturbances. One benefit of working with a Medical Intuitive is that they can get more of a complete, big-picture assessment of your body, where the problems are, their origins, and what can be done to balance the body and all of its systems. Allopathic and even Alternative Healthcare approaches often rely on tests which can be misleading or inconclusive, merely providing snapshots in time, while the body is constantly in a state of ebb-and-flow motion to find equilibrium. Skilled Medical Intuitives also have the ability to detect health problems in the earliest possible stages, when they are easiest to treat, and even sometimes before standard diagnostic procedures may test positive.

Over several years, Adam has developed a unique system for channeling information that helps guide clients in forming personalized protocols for improving their health and vitality. Adam’s technique does not rely on his own thoughts or guesswork, but rather a special method of focusing the extrasensory perception of his nervous system for the reception of information from a client’s energetic fingerprint.

In conjunction with his personal resourcing, Adam has spent years independently studying many different theories on nutrition, healing and detoxification, coming to several major conclusions: True healing requires a holistic approach, as chasing symptoms is often unhelpful, and each person’s needs are highly individual. Also, the road to optimal wellness tends to be a lot simpler than people are often lead to believe. Overall, the answers generally seem to be more about providing a solid foundation of clean “fuel” and “getting out of the way” so the body can do what it does best—heal—and less about utilizing exotic supplements, dramatic diets or harsh detoxification protocols.

If you are interested in doing a session with Adam, please review the sections of this website, as he’s included a full scope of information regarding how to prepare for a session, the kinds of topics he can cover, and other details that will help ensure you get the most out of your session time.